Five new sandwiches to try

The sandwich is considered to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, because of the claim that he was the eponymous inventor of this food combination.


How to Prepare Edikaikong Soup

The name edikaikong simply translates to “vegetable soup”. Edikaikong soup has over the years topped the list of Nigerian popular soups because of its nutritional value and ease of preparation.

Efo Riro – Yoruba Way

The unique taste of efo riro comes from the use of Locust beans, Bleaching of palm oil and the absence of tomatoes, although there are more than just a single way to prepare it.

All about Bread

Depending on local custom and convenience, bread may be served in various forms at any meal of the day.

Heirloom tomato Salsa

Salsa is often a tomato based sauce or dip which is heterogeneous and includes additional components such as (but not limited to) onions, peppers, beans, corn, and various spices. They are typically piquant, ranging from mild to extremely hot.